Could Cosmic Inflation Mean That Time Is Quantized?

Cosmological inflation, as of right now, is the leading theory regarding the very earliest moments after the Big Bang. According to mathematical physicist and cosmologist Max Tegmark of MIT this theory suggests that the universe is actually infinite! If that is hard to imagine, then just wait because things get weirder. If the universe is actually infinite, then there is good reason to think that there are infinitely many “copies” of you in other solar systems spread throughout the infinite expanse. Not only that, but there are infinitely many “near-copies” of you living out every possible variation.

Because of the discrete nature of these alternatives, the number of you’s would be represented by the cardinal number \aleph_{0}. In other words, it is a countable infinity.

Now, if the possible variations depends on time, then these possibilities should be in one to one correspondence with the variant you’s. This seems to suggest that time is made up of discrete moments. Either that, or causality is in some sense quantized.


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