I love to think and to learn.  This blog will hopefully be a reflection of that.  I plan to write about topics in mathematics, philosophy and science that interest me as a way of expanding my knowledge and understanding.  Of course, it is always more fun to do things with other like-minded individuals, so it is my hope that anyone reading this blog with similar aspirations will participate and contribute as I chug along.  After all, I have titled this blog in such a way as to reflect my desire to foster a community of problem solvers and thinkers in order to engage difficult and interesting topics, ideas and problems.

I say I want to analyze claims about reality.  It is no secret that this life is full of all manner of claims which compete for and demand our belief.  But I love truth, and because of this, I feel there is an important need to weed out the false, to uncover the garbage and get to what is true!  If you can relate, then I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

I have a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies, but have since become skeptical of religion and the existence of God.  I also have a Masters degree in mathematics, which, of all subjects, is my greatest love.  However, I am also extremely fond of philosophy and science, but that shouldn’t be surprising.  Hopefully, people of varying intellectual interests will find this blog stimulating and interesting and will share their valuable insight and knowledge.  Let us see how this goes.  Happy reading!


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